Check out the demo recording of my new piece for Chamber Orchestra called ANNIHILATION.  Listen Here

The Green Orbs released our first EP, Dear Mr. Mustache.  Check it out here

We also made a video with the help of Joel Marsh Garland!  He provided vocals for the track and directed the video!


The new Glue Gun Optimism album is now available.  It's called Mirror Layer.  Check it out at itunes, amazon, cdbaby, bandcamp... and more places!

Check out this new SongBaby tune made for a the adorable Remy Sebastian!


Glue Gun Optimism's new album is finished.  I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

The Green Orbs is getting ready to release an EP as well as an accompanying music video!   In the meantime, here's a few of our other fun vids:


Also, The Green Orbs' app, The Hams In The Deep Blue Sea, is now on youtube.  But the full interactive version on itunes and jam-along!


Check out the new video for my piece "Conspiracy Theory #1" featuring Kelli Kathman. here